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Brides are often unsure what to do with their bridal lehengas after the wedding, though buying the outfit is an exciting task. Every bride believes she can wear the same outfit to her sibling’s or friend’s wedding; however, bridal trends change so rapidly that one will only be able to wear that pricey outfit once. That is why, to save you money, we have discovered incredible ways for you to customise your wedding lehenga.

Learn how to repurpose your bridal lehenga!

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Floor Length Anarkali 

Our first tip is to turn an old lehenga into an Anarkali. Trust us, and you won’t regret it. All you have to do is ask your designer or tailor to remove the cancan fabric from beneath your lehenga and sew your lehenga skirt to a blouse. Then, with a dab of eye-catching make-up, your outfit is ready, and you’re all set to look like a princess. 

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Mix & Match

A wedding lehenga can be worn with a blouse, but if you want to make it look completely different, you must mix and match the fabrics. You can wear the blouse with the lehenga, but if you’re going to learn how to turn a wedding lehenga into an outfit that looks completely different, you must mix and match it with another blouse that goes with the lehenga. You are free to use an old blouse or purchase a new one. This lehenga gown dress will be helpful on various other upcoming occasions, and it’s one of the best ways to learn how to reuse an old wedding lehenga or an old lehenga like a pro.

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Create a Kasavu Lehenga

The silhouette of your wedding lehenga can be permanently changed too! A saree lehenga also called a Kasavu lehenga, is a good example. All you have to do is have your tailor sew the wedding lehenga dupatta to the garment and blouse so that the silhouette looks completely different.

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Reuse Your Dupatta

The bridal lehenga is a three-piece ensemble. Since bridal dupattas are typically highly embellished, you may choose to wear them yourself. It is possible to make a heavy kurti out of this one-piece. Additionally, if you must wear your bridal lehenga, you can do so with a different, contrasting dupatta. Break up your lehenga set and wear your dupatta as a kurta or short kurti. You can also wear it to other traditional parties, and with this trendy look, you will look like an ethnic fashion diva.

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Shirt Up

Are you looking for a trendy yet casual outfit? You can wear your lehenga with a simple shirt. Your outfit will look more polished right away as a result. White shirts go with everything, so ensure you have one in your closet. If you need help with how to wear a lehenga skirt, remove the additional layers if you’re wearing your previous bridal lehenga.

Additionally, the cancan and other layers must be removed to make it appear more subdued when worn with a shirt. This is a great way to reuse a lehenga without anyone noticing. An outfit like this can be worn during cocktail hour.

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Making A Saree Out Of Your Bridal Lehenga

Considering how much fabric is used in a wedding lehenga, it would be simple to reuse the outfit in a new style. Making your wedding lehenga into a sari is a great additional use. The benefit would be that you wouldn’t need to buy a new outfit, which would save you money, and if you wear your wedding attire as a saree, no one will remember it, either.

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Complement with a long jacket

Adding a long jacket to your bridal lehenga is another way to make a statement. Choose one with Zardosi work on it to give you a fashionable look. Alternatively, you could wear a sheer net jacket with your embroidered lehenga. This is a sweet, different way to display your bridal lehenga choli. For an emotional effect, ensure the jacket’s colour differs from the lehenga’s. Except for the pairing style, this appearance resembles a long kurta and lehenga. This outfit will look unique at an outdoor or indoor wedding.

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Try Various Draping Techniques

Suppose you enjoy wearing your wedding lehenga ensemble repeatedly – what could you do to refresh the look each time? To break up the monotony of your lehenga ensemble, consider varying the style of your dupatta. This will alter how you style it and give you alternative outfit options. One method is to tuck your dupatta into your lehenga choli while wearing a metallic belt. You can enjoy a sangeet party in this look with ease. A front wrap drape is another choice if you want to highlight the intricate embroidery on your dupatta. Utilise your wedding lehenga by executing this and other stunning draping techniques.

These are the best ways to improve your sense of style when reusing an old lehenga.

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