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Wedding planning can be time-consuming, from selecting the ideal date to perfecting your centrepieces. The process of planning a wedding can be intimidating for couples who are just getting started. However, getting advice from those who have been there and done it is one of the best ways to create your wedding plan.

These 8 wedding tips are must-haves to note before planning for D-day.

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Setting A Budget

You popped the question to your lover and are planning your wedding. Your budget and financial capacity should be considered when planning your wedding. Spend time around your partner and engage in an open conversation about your finances. How much can you fund, will anyone else contribute, and can you save in the coming months?

Having a conversation with your parents early on in the planning process can help you determine precisely what they may be able to contribute to the wedding. An unplanned wedding budget can lead to unnecessary financial stress.

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Understanding Priorities

It is only advisable to start your wedding planning by knowing your priorities and those of your partner. Since your wedding is so important, we encourage you to express it and share it with others. The venue, the number of guests, the music, food, entertainment, decor, etc., are typical wedding priorities, though preferences will vary from couple to couple. They are a great resource if you must choose between two options or try cutting costs at your wedding. It enables you to focus on what is essential and ensures you have everything you need to realise your dream.

These are 5 Ways To Save Money And Plan For A Wedding.

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Take note of the climate and other potential irritants. In the past, guests have left early from poorly heated winter loft receptions and sweltering summer tent weddings. Mosquitoes, deer flies, and gnats plague certain seasons. To solve the issue, consider subletting pest control tanks or including insect repellent in the welcome packages. If you want a ceremony at sunset, check the forecast. Prepare for weather hiccups by having a Plan B.

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Research Wedding Styles

Before you begin booking anything, you should gather as many wedding ideas and inspiration as possible to refine the style of your big day. There are numerous inspirational ideas out there that can be overwhelming but remember that they are just ideas. You can have things you like at your wedding because you want many different things.

In addition to looking for inspiration on social media, Pinterest wedding boards are a platform to share ideas and create boards for each aspect of your wedding. For example, you can save your favourite table décor ideas and wedding cakes and share them with your wedding coordinator or planner.

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Set a Date

Deciding on a wedding date has a cascading effect on many other facets of your wedding. When making this decision, you should consider the season and climate you want to have on your special occasion day and the day of the week.

When considering wedding dates, there are some that you should avoid because of national holidays, sports event conflicts, and unlucky numbers. However, it’s also important to remember that your wedding date significantly impacts your budget.

Deciding on a wedding date allows you to book a venue, save the dates, and begin negotiations with vendors.

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Choose Your Wedding Tribe

You may know who your maid of honour, bridesmaids, hostesses, or best man will be immediately, or you may need some time to think about it. When making these decisions, it’s critical to understand the various wedding roles. Who do you put your trust in to handle the essential tasks?

If you need more clarification, take your time making a decision. Then, consider the best individuals to help you and your partner on this special day and the days leading up to it. Additionally, remember that the larger your wedding party, the more expensive it will be because outfits, bouquets, buttonholes, and thank-you gifts will all be needed.

When planning a wedding, it is fun to frequently ask your friends if they will participate, so plan and hire a photographer to capture the moment.

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Construct a Meal Plan

Another unanticipated cost. Check the contracts to ensure you are not required to serve your vendors the same meal. You might be forced to pay for 20 more crab cakes if not. In its place, opt for a less expensive meal.

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Find a Perfect Venue 

When you’ve decided on a theme and a budget, you can start thinking about finding a wedding location that complements both. Make choosing your wedding venue a top priority because it will determine your wedding date, location, and maximum guest count.

Before you start looking for a location for your wedding, discuss your expectations for the event with your partner and what kind of location will work best with your chosen theme. Whether you want a fairy-tale, rustic, or boho-inspired wedding, now is the time to revisit your wedding vision and priorities.

Consider other crucial elements, such as your desire for a wedding venue that offers a lodge setting, your desire to hire your caterers, and the anticipated number of guests attending the evening. All of these elements will influence your decision regarding the wedding venue.

You’re in luck because AVM Gardens is a gorgeous outdoor wedding location that enhances the beauty of your celebration. Get in touch with us for more details.