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Finding the perfect wedding venue is amongst the top priorities of the wedding planning checklist. An outdoor wedding has a different set of requirements as compared to an indoor wedding. In addition, planning an outdoor wedding can come with a specific set of challenges. Therefore, for an enhanced and memorable experience, every single detail must be carefully thought out. The following are tips for finding the perfect venue for an outdoor wedding. 

Style and Vision

Most brides have dreamed of their big day with a vision of how it should look. Whether traditional or modern, rustic or classic, beach or garden landscape, it is essential to develop the aesthetic for your wedding as you begin the search for a venue. The style and vision impact decision-making when looking for an outdoor wedding. The outdoor wedding venue should be suitable for creating and matching the overall tone of the wedding. Keeping that in mind, determine whether the wedding venue should provide you with the means to fulfil that idea of the perfect dream wedding. Then, research and visit several venues to find the one that meets all your requirements. 


Guest List

As you look for the perfect wedding venue, ensure that the capacity at each venue matches the numbers in the guest list. If the finalised guest list is not ready, prepare a reasonable estimate of the number of guests before you start looking for the wedding venue. The advantage of an outdoor wedding is the abundance of space, ventilation and openness made available, essential in a post COVID world. Crowd control is a crucial aspect of wedding planning. Have a clear idea of how you want the layout to look to prepare for crowd control. Always keep the guest experience in mind, as no one enjoys crowded spaces. 


Backup Plan for Weather

If the event is open-air, ensure that you have a backup plan set up. Bad weather is the last thing you want to be dealing with on your wedding day. Plan for the worst and be prepared for every possible hiccup. You cannot control the weather, but you can minimise the risk by making wise decisions. Weather should not deter you from hosting a beautiful outdoor ceremony and reception. Remember that even if something may happen, it adds to the story of the day that will remain in memories for a long time.    

Keep Guests Comfortable

For an outdoor wedding, there are extra elements to consider concerning the guest experience. Temperatures, humidity and insects are a few examples of things that cause discomfort. Ensure that there is a light breeze or the ability to place fans strategically to keep guests cool. Look out for a venue that has enough trees that can provide shade. In addition, water should be readily available to keep your guests hydrated on a warm day. Restrooms should be clean, stocked and easily accessible for everyone. Some venues offer repellent and exterminating solutions to deal with bugs and mosquitoes. Find a disability-friendly outdoor venue to be inclusive of all the guests invited.  Finally, take every step to ensure that your guests are comfortable and safely navigate the wedding venue.  


Wedding Photographs

Photographs may seem an afterthought in preparation, but it is significant in an outdoor wedding. The advantage of an outdoor wedding is not just the vast space but the natural beauty that surrounds you. When scouting for an outdoor wedding venue, look for spots where you can take the perfect pictures. Consult with a photographer for tips on finding the ideal location for photographs. The wedding photographs preserve all the memories from your special day.


Whichever location you finally decide, make sure that you stay true to yourselves as a couple. It is vital to find a place to feel connected and develop a style and design that represents your vision. Remember these tips when you start your search for the perfect outdoor wedding venue. 

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