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Planning a wedding is simultaneously stressful and exciting as you prepare for the next chapter in your life. The wedding day itself is carefully planned and thought out down to the smallest detail. One of the first decisions that the couple and their families make is the venue for the wedding. While many typically prefer an indoor setting for the wedding ceremony and reception, we observe a move towards outdoor weddings. It is essential to choose a wedding venue that is perfect for you because it is the venue that sets the tone and feel on your wedding day. Let’s review some significant benefits of an outdoor wedding, which will aid in your decision when choosing a venue. 

Surrounded by Nature

One of the most significant advantages of an outdoor wedding is the picturesque landscape that is available readily. Lush greenery, blue skies, natural light, calm and serene water bodies or even the natural sounds that surround you add to the ambience of the day. Outdoor venues give the appearance of more space as it is open to the air. Depending on the time of the day and the venue’s location, the open-air atmosphere leaves your guests enjoying the fresh evening air, providing a comfortable space to relax and celebrate your big day. Get inspired by nature around you as you make your commitments to your loved ones. 

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Extra Space  

The benefit of having your wedding at an outdoor venue over an indoor one is the unrestricted space that rooms do not afford. Your guests will have the extra space and won’t have to worry about things like crowds and claustrophobia. They will have sufficient room to socialise with each other wherever they find a comfortable spot. However, most outdoor wedding venues also have safety policies on the number of people they are permitted to host. Add this to your checklist of items to remember when looking for the venue with the best fit. 

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Natural Lighting

Photographers understand the importance of natural light and how it can elevate your pictures to the next level. Based on the time of the day, you can collaborate with your photographer to find the perfect location within the venue, utilising the natural elements and capturing the perfect opportunity for natural light. The wedding pictures capture every special moment of your wedding day, so it is essential to find an outdoor venue to bring your vision into reality. Read here for Tips for an Outdoor Wedding Photoshoot

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With nature as your backdrop, there is not much you need to do in terms of decorations. Instead of recreating that natural beauty inside, save costs by using the natural landscape of the venue to decorate. Add a bit of your personality to make the space unique by utilising the natural elements available to you. Before choosing an outdoor wedding venue, it is essential to ensure that it matches the theme and look of the evening. Whether you want a rustic or springtime look or a forest green theme, the outdoor wedding venue will provide the natural beauty you seek. 

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Getting married with nature as your backdrop provides a very romantic setting. Whether under the shining stars of the night sky or against a wall of lush green trees, or under a canopy of colourful flowers, your outdoor venue will provide the romantic atmosphere your wedding deserves. In addition, the outdoor wedding often provides you with enough space for you and your partner to take a break and enjoy each other’s company alone as well.  

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Finding the right venue is time-consuming but is worth the effort in the end. Before beginning your search, you need to research to understand whether that venue aligns with the vision of your wedding. Learn more on what you need to look out for Finding the Perfect Venue for an Outdoor Wedding. Outdoor weddings have numerous benefits that can make your evening special and unique. 

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