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The wedding photo shoot is a significant part of any wedding day. These pictures are meant to last forever, with special memories of the couple, family and friends on their big day. Several couples now choose to take their creativity to the next level in outdoor wedding shoots. Using natural light and other outdoor elements adds character to the pictures. We have put together a few tips to follow for a memorable outdoor wedding photoshoot. 

Find a secluded location

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Photographers usually do a recce of the location to find secluded spots for photoshoots. This is important for couples who may desire some time away alone. The pictures are meant to capture the magic of the occasion. The advantage of doing an outdoor photo shoot is that there are several options for secluded spaces that offer a romantic backdrop.   

Making Best Use of Natural Light

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Whatever the time of day, photographers know the importance of catching natural light. They usually advise the couple on the best time to take pictures. The wedding schedule should be flexible to capture the pictures under the right light. You can brighten up your outdoor wedding photographs with natural real-world magic.  

Incorporating Nature into your Pictures

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Whether you have flowers sprinkled around or the couple leaning against a tree or just finding the perfect picturesque spot at the venue, incorporating the best asset of being outdoors is without a doubt essential. The natural elements in the environment make the pictures more glamorous and special. 

If you are a couple looking to be inspired by nature for your wedding photoshoot, then take a look at the AVM Garden Villa!

Photos That Tell the Story of the Day

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Your photographer must be ready to capture candid moments. When you look back at the pictures of your wedding day, you want to tell the story of the day capturing every moment through photographs. You must also be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances like rain. As much as we try to control for every eventuality, sometimes it is impossible to account for bad weather. Instead of allowing this to dampen your day, a good tip to remember is to use the rain, to create memorable pictures. 

Make the Most of the Location

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Finally, photographers should be able to make the best use of the location. Whether surrounded by greenery or by the historic architectural landscape, your pictures can be elevated in grandeur. Be open to a little adventure to find the best spot for pictures that will last a lifetime.   

Couples should remember to have fun and be able to live in the moment. At the end of the day, the best tip for outdoor wedding photography is preparation mixed with the flexibility to face different challenges that can arise on the wedding day. 

If you are looking for the perfect venue to fulfil your outdoor wedding dreams, reach out to us at AVM Gardens. This historic venue is exactly what you will need for all your outdoor photography requirements. Rest assured you can plan a COVID 19 safe wedding with us.