AVM Gardens yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 Planning a Safe Wedding: Everything You Need To Know

Marriage is something that makes us feel like we’re living a fairy tale; love is not something you do, it’s something you feel. A wedding is a conjoined union of not two people but two families who come together to celebrate the most significant part of their lives. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of our lives, mainly how and when we can assemble as a gathering. With limitations on everything, from the number of individuals that can accumulate to how close they can stand together, arranging safe weddings has numerous troubles. 

The large-scale gathering is forbidden as significant safety measures cannot be adhered to by the general public. A few couples have selected to defer their weddings, while others have chosen to go virtual. In any case, there are steps that wedding couples can exert to have the show go on while additionally guaranteeing that, as a matter of first importance, they’re following the security rules set forth by government specialists and associations.

Here we explore some innovative thoughts for hosting safe weddings. 

Prioritise Social Distancing and Wearing Masks

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Practising social distancing and wearing masks should be the top priority at any wedding. It implies that visitors ought to cover their faces and be six feet from one another consistently. As the social event limitations lift state by state, these guidelines should, in any case, be prepared to lessen hazards to the wedding party. Be assured that you are making beneficial acclimations to your function and festivity by adhering to these rules. 

To ensure the utmost safety, consult with your wedding planner that the seating arrangement would be further apart. Enough space must be present between the couples and officiant; consider giving the officiant a microphone or choose a venue with ample space so everyone is at a distance. 

Update Guest List

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Probably the most challenging thing about rethinking your wedding during the pandemic is altering the guest list. While assessing your list of attendees, consider the individuals who need to travel significant distances. While this may not be an inclination, remember that eliminating them from the list keeps them safe, but the visitors who are present in person, safe too. 

One approach to augment the participation of your big day while likewise expanding everybody’s well-being is to add a virtual component to your wedding, such as video conferencing.

Live Stream Your Wedding 

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Even though you wish to welcome every one of your companions or family members on your special day, it is vital to take security measures for the sake of everybody involved. One way to ensure everyone witnesses and participates in your big day is via technology!

Nowadays, numerous couples use Instagram Live, Skype, or Zoom to live stream their wedding. By applying this simple strategy, you can impart joy to companions and family members who can’t go to your gathering.

Maximise Food Safety

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With a more modest headcount, you might have the option to give your visitors more choices for their meals, depending upon your package and your venue’s offerings. Get imaginative and accommodate dietary requests. Instead of having a buffet where visitors are all together in contact with serving utensils, ensure that meals are plated and served separately. It raises the meal segment of the occasion and keeps everybody more protected.

Providing snack boxes, implementing safe food practices such as wearing hair masks and gloves when the food is being prepared, employing one-use eco-friendly plates, etc., are other ways to increase food safety.

Past these security measures, couples should know their state’s staged plans for resuming events. Understand them and acquaint yourself with those arrangements. These can change as conditions improve, so watch out for the information and adjust your plans accordingly. Everything has taken a break, but we believe love shouldn’t. 

Reach out to AVM Gardens as we bring your dreams to life, prioritising your safety and that of your loved ones.